In this section, I have given a few important slokas and sthothras. These are to be supplemented with other slokas and sthothras available in the internet.

I would suggest the recitation of Slokas on Lord Ganesh (given below) to ward off evils and difficulties in life that occur during bad Dasas and sub-periods of planets. Navagraha Stothras and Venkatesa Prabhaththi (also given below) may also be recited appropriately. There are a good number of web sites which give sthothras on several other deities. An important website I would recommend for this is: Sanskrit Documents [EXTERNAL LINK].

Slokas on Lord Ganesh: English text | Tamil | Devanagari

Navagraha Stothras: English text | Tamil | Devanagari

Venkatesa Prabhaththi: English text | Tamil | Devanagari

There are obvious limitations in the transliteration process, which may not bring out the proper intonation of Slokas as rendered in the original (Sanskrit) text. I would suggest, wherever possible, the recitation be done with the help of those who know these Slokas or with the help of pre-recorded cassettes.

For those who know Tamil, I would suggest recitation of the Verses on "Abhirami" called "Abhirami Anthathi". I have selected 20 of the most important verses to be recited on a daily basis.

A good source for Tamil literary works is the Tamil Electronic Library [EXTERNAL LINK].