I am working on a series of articles pertaining to Tamil literature. I have started with an article with couplets on Thirukkural.


Of the world’s languages, the Tamil language is very ancient, equal to that of Sanskrit, and few have placed its origin and antiquity correctly. Tamil literature is vast and varied. Among these literary masterpieces is Thirukkural authored by a great and saintly poet and philosopher named Thiruvalluvar.

An attempt is made in the following sections to highlight some of the couplets which I enjoy and cherish even today and which have immediate relevance to the day to day life of individuals. These are random selections and are intended to create interest in Internet readers.

  • Part I covers selected chapters on Human Conduct and Behaviour.
  • Part II deals with principles of conduct in their relationship with their family and people around.
  • Part III deals with general topics.

A good source for Tamil literary works, is the Tamil Electronic Library [EXTERNAL LINK].